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Where to find audio books on CD

Check out these sources for obtaining audio books on CD.
Check out these sources for obtaining audio books on CD.
John York

Audio books are a valuable supplement to the reading aloud you already do in your homeschool. Wondering how to build your audio book collection? Browse the following sources to find new and used audio books on CD, often at a low cost and sometimes even for free.

  • Book retailers: Book retailers, including online sellers like Amazon, are a great place to purchase new audio book CDs. By purchasing your discs new, you know they'll be in good condition. However, the cost of new books might prohibit you from buying very many.
  • Scholastic Reading Clubs: Scholastic Reading Clubs, better known to many as "book orders," offers a variety of picture books with companion CDs. Sometimes you can even find chapter books on CD there. Homeschool groups can set up an account with Scholastic Reading Clubs in order to offer book orders among their members.
  • Used book sellers: Amazon,, eBay and other online businesses sell used audio books for less than the cost of new ones. Your local used book dealer might offer audio books also.
  • Your local library: Many libraries have extensive collections of audio book CDs that you can borrow for a few weeks at a time. Although you won't get to keep these, it's a good way to broaden your listening experiences at no cost. The Main Library of the Peoria Public Library system is located at 107 N.E. Monroe, Peoria, Ill.
  • Homeschool sales: Visit a homeschool used curriculum sale to find all kinds of treasures, including audio books. Duckygirl's Resale in Bloomington, Ill. sells used books and homeschool items year-round.
  • Paperback Swap: Paperback Swap isn't just for paperback books. It's a great resource for all types of books, including audio books. You send books you no longer need to other site members, and you can order free books from them. While regular books are worth only one credit on the site, audio books will cost you two credits. However, you also earn two credits whenever you mail an audio book to someone else.

The more books on CDs you bring into your house, the more literature your children will be exposed to, so start browsing stores, libraries and other outlets for titles today!

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