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Where to Exercise in Long Beach

Many options for exercise at the beach
Many options for exercise at the beach
L. Stregles

If you are like most people in the world, you have either publicly or privately made a New Year's resolution.  For most people, that resolution has included losing the weight, either extra pounds gained during the winter or pounds that have been there a little too long.   Fortunately for people in Long Beach, we are not bound indoors like many people that live in other parts of the country trying to survive severe winter storms.  So here are some ideas of where you can go in Long Beach to get out, get some fresh air and exercise:

The Beach seems like on obvious choice but for some it may seem to cold this time of year.  If it's too cold, bundle up and go for a run, job or walk.  If you are so inclined, lace up your inline skates.  If you like teamwork, gather your friends up for some beach volleyball. 

Parks is another place you can go get outdoors for a variety of activities.  El Dorado Park for example has tennis courts and a golf course.  Your exercise doesn't have to be elaborate, a good long walk is all that's needed to elevate your heart rate and get your body moving. 

Some indoor alternatives include gyms or fitness centers.  Some of the fitness centers include:

This list may not be inclusive but certainly the point is that there are many choices for people living in Long Beach for a place to go and exercise.  Fitness centers generally offer a one week trial offer so you can go check out the facilities before committing to a membership. 

So there are no excuses now for being out of shape.  Dust off your running shoes and get out there and watch those extra pounds melt away. 


  • Danica 5 years ago

    You should add to the list the Belmont Pool! Swimming there is great!

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