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Where to eat and drink in NYC during World Cup 2014

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Although Brazil is far from New York City, the excitement of World Cup 2014 is still felt by many. After all, New York is a city where every nationality and ethnicity is represented. So as soccer fans from everywhere hang their flags and proudly wear their team’s jerseys, it is a great time not only to watch soccer but eat and drink too. Here is where to get food and drink from the countries in the World Cup before, during, or after games.

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The first game kicking off the World Cup 2014 will be Thursday June 12, 2014 between Brazil and Croatia. Since Brazil is the host of World Cup 2014, it’s a great idea to start off with some Brazilian food. Of course, there is Little Brazil, an area in Manhattan, with Brazilian restaurants, but they are pricey. But head to the Astoria neighborhood of Queens for a simple Brazilian buffet at Copacabana and then head over to the random hole in the wall bar (Mexican) with a brown, faded sign. Since the sign is faded, it can be easily spotted by small, white sign advertising free paella on Fridays at 6 p.m. But if Croatia is the team of choice, head over to Djerdan, also in Astoria, for Bosnian food and drinking Bosnian or Croatian beer during the game. The place is small, but the service is great and there of course is a television.

There’s still plenty of time to enjoy all of the other places in NYC from the countries. Once again in Astoria is La Rioja Tapas Res for some beer and tapas, such as patatas bravas, from Spain. Eat meat pies with Aussie beer while watching World Cup on the big screens at The Australian in Manhattan. Although it’s hard to find restaurants specializing in a specific African country in New York City, Harlem is a best bet to at least have African food while cheering on the African teams. Little Senegal exists in Harlem so there is no shortage. A cheap place to eat plenty of food while watching the game is La Savane. Fans of Germany might enjoy the special World Cup Zum Schneider in the East Village.

Some of the teams, such as Chile and the Netherlands do not have a restaurant or bar from their country at the time of this writing. But there are certainly fans supporting those countries. For a chance to meet supporters from any team, Woodwork in Brooklyn will have drink specials corresponding to the teams playing that day.

But like soccer, it is best not to describe it in words. It is best to be seen in order to appreciate its beauty. Enjoy the slide show of the food and where to get it in New York City.