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Where to drink in NYC on Cinco de Mayo

Complete with an umbrella!
Jai Waltz

With good Mexican food being hard to find in New York City, at least there are plenty of good margaritas to drink on the search. And with Cinco De Mayo not far off, what better time to binge on margaritas?

At Taqueria Lower East Side, the margaritas don't disappoint. They are not watered down like some, so it's possible to get a buzz on after two or maybe even one for the lightweights. They even come with a festive umbrella! A side note for this place is that the salsa that comes with their complimentary chips, while not the chunky tomato type that many Americans might be used to, is pretty spicy for a restaurant salsa. That really makes the $8 for the margaritas worth it. After all, what better thing to munch on while sipping on margaritas? But especially for Cinco de Mayo, if margaritas are not agreeable, Taqueria Lower East Side has drink specials on their homemade sangrias and horchatas as well.

For a cheaper and still tasty margarita, head to the Upper West Side to Amigos. Since it is near Columbia University, it is always crowded. If going over on Cinco de Mayo, it will surely be no exception! The margaritas are only $5! As an added bonus of Mexican flair, on Mondays (per their website), they have all you can eat tacos with all you can drink sangria specials on Mondays, which coincidentally enough, Cinco de Mayo 2014 happens to fall upon.

So prepare everyone in the group now and prepare for a night of shenanigans for Cinco de Mayo. Even if New York City is not known for its Mexican food, one can at least be a little festive when It comes to margaritas and sangrias, can’t they?

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