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Where to draw the line when remaining friends with an ex

When the ex is interfering with his new relationship
When the ex is interfering with his new relationship
Kimberly Morrow

Trust is the most important thing to have in any relationship but when is being friendly with an ex-lover considered being “too friendly?”

Sometimes a man and a woman decide to remain friends even after an attempted commitment has failed.  Although there is nothing wrong with keeping a platonic friendship there are boundaries that should be discussed especially if one or both persons’ are involved in a new relationship.

It is a man’s choice to remain in contact an ex even if he is romantically involved with someone new. If the new spouse or girlfriend feels uncomfortable with this arrangement then she needs to say something and he should listen and respect her feelings.  

Keeping in touch daily with an ex is fine, but when the text messages or phone calls become emotionally in depth, it is still considered being unfaithful. Even if the flirting seems innocent, it is very inappropriate and could even jeopardize his current relationship. 

It is a definite red flag when a man keeps an ex hidden from his current mate. Meeting his ex at the local bar for drinks or sneaking around is wrong.  Taking calls at all hours of the night is another no,no and should be nipped in the butt immediately. 

If he begins to feel uncomfortable then he should sever all ties. She may feel that there is a chance for an old flame to be rekindled.  Basically he needs to tell the her to back off  so that he can  focus on  the new woman in his life. 

It is understandable that his ex may be his best friend but he needs to realize that his new significant other should come first.

When the ex begins to cause conflict between the two partners then the man needs to make a decision. If he chooses his ex/friend over his new love, then that could explain why he has kept secrets from the beginning. 

Perhaps the man and his ex should try to re-connect romantically if they just can’t seem to let each other go.  After all, it isn't fair to the his new mate. 

No woman deserves to feel threatened by her mans ex and  hopefully he will make the right choice before it is too late. 


  • Kazim Romain 5 years ago

    I can really related to this- in a new relationship but still talk to my ex - i love my girl and after reading this if by any chance she feels second to my ex i will stop talking to my ex in a heart - thanks for the insight

  • Catherine 5 years ago

    If someone knows their ex is in a new committed relationship then the ex GIRLFRIEND) needs to step back. In ADULT relationships you don't agree to see your ex. YOU POLITELY DECLINE THE INVITAITON. They are an ex for a reason. If there is someone new it is just as much the woman's responsibility to stay away from her ex as it is the man's. These types of women just ruin families, and relationships. And there is no sense in contacting an ex everyday?? For that... just get back with them, and then you can break up with them again later, and possibly.... leave the real love of your life.

  • Catherine 5 years ago

    P.S. Not sure who's photos your using for this article, but may I suggest a make-up artist consult. The make up on your model is not very good...a nice face of make up may help to kick up your article a notch!

  • Kazim Romain 5 years ago

    Miss Catherine is a hate-er! Thanks for the insight Kimberly- just ignore the snatch.

  • Elaina 5 years ago

    catherine ia s a jealous **********

  • Kimberly Morrow herself 5 years ago

    And you Catherine are? That's what I thought. Airbrushing is for Cosmo, true actual pictures are for articles. I will keep my thoughts professional for yours are anything but.

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