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Where to buy your supplements in austin

protein is an absolutely supplement for building muscle and losing fat
protein is an absolutely supplement for building muscle and losing fat

There are plenty of places that sell supplements in and around the Austin area, but there are only a few places that have a consistent supply of varied products.  Here are the locations that seem to be the most reliable:

HEB - Hancock Center

This HEB has an enormous natural foods and supplements section.  Their selection of protein bars is perhaps the largest in the city, ranging from the more common manufacturers like Pure Protein and Myoplex, to whole foods companies like Jocolat and Jay Robb.  They also have a wide variety of pre- and post-workout supps, including creatine, l-arginine, and a handful of testosterone boosters.  The prices here are typically a few dollars cheaper than other places, as well.  

GNC - Hancock Center

Usually it is the case that the GNC locations in the mall receive the wider array of products, but that does not seem to hold true for the store in the Hancock Center.  They consistently carry all basic products necessary for your fitness program, and also have a good selection of vitamins, bone/joint supplements, and herbal remedies.  One of their best products is the Dymatize Elite breakfast cereal, which comes in single-serve packets.  All you have to do is add water or milk, and you have an instant and healthy breakfast.

The Vitamin Shoppe - 10225 Research Blvd

The Vitamin Shoppe carries a similar selection to that of GNC, but it also has products that GNC does not typically support, such as Dymatize Xpand, which is a nitric oxide supplement.  Xpand is a great product because it is available in formulations with and without caffeine.  So, for those who are sensitive to stimulants, this is a great product to use when you want the effects of a NO booster, but do not want the side effects of caffeine.  

The Vitamin Shoppe also carries a selection of testosterone boosters and prohormones that are not available at GNC.  For all of you hardcore lifters out there, be aware of the possible side effects of prohormone use before purchasing these products.


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