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Where to Buy Your Next Antique? 10 Loved Antique Destinations Across the Country

The quest for the best antique collectibles involves both persistence and an eye for detail. There are many antique shops in the country varying in the selections that they carry. Here is a roundup of several places to find good antique pieces across the country.

1. Antiques on Old Plank Road, Chicago, IL
Antiques on Old Plank Road has over two decades of expertise when it comes to procuring and selling antique and vintage furniture. Among Chicago’s vast antique culture, this shop is the leading go-to for antique experts, enthusiasts and collectors because of their expansive collection of European antique furniture. They have clients in their home Chicago, across the United States, and all throughout the world.

2. Hanover House, Cincinnati, Ohio
Hanover House is upholding the tradition of acquiring and selling quality ceramics from its predecessor, Federation Antiques. They do not only carry ceramics of Western origin, they also offer an impressive collection of Asian antiques such as Chinese ceramic exports and Imari wear.

3. Skinner Auctioneers, Boston, MA
Skinner Auctioneers is not only a place to buy antiques and valuable jewelry and artworks; it is also an institution renowned for buying them. The fact that they are able attract consignees from all over the world is one of the main reasons antique experts and enthusiasts flock to Skinner Auctioneers.

4.Bryn Mawr Jewelry Company, Chicago, IL
Founded in 1918, Bryn Mawr has been providing quality antique jewelry to its loyal following within the Edgewater community and beyond. Bryn Mawr does not only owe its popularity to its fine collection, but also through the craftsmanship and dedication of Scott Freeman who provides a memorable service to his customers.

5. Wilshire Coin, Santa Monica, CA
Wilshire Coin is considered a Santa Monica institution for their expertise in the unique types, history and value of coins. They are able to determine the true value of coin that is presented to them and is able to offer that expertise whether one is selling or collecting.

6. American Antique Mall, Tucson, AZ
American Antique Mall is a one stop shop for antique enthusiasts. They house more than 100 consignees to give you quality antique pieces from pottery to art to jewelry. This being one of the oldest antique locations in Tucson, it is a hub for both antique dealers and collectors.

7. Bob's Watches, Huntington Beach, CA
Rolex is considered both an institution and aspiration to all watch collectors because of the prestige the brand has gathered over the years. Bob’s watches specialize in vintage Rolex watches. They offer rare vintage Rolex watches for sale and auction.

8. Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry, San Francisco, CA
What makes Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry stand out from every other store is its collection of jewelry from different periods. From Victorian to Art Deco Jewelry, they carry unique pieces as offerings to their customers. A trip to Lang Antique and estate Jewelry can also be an educational one because of the availability of their jewelry experts.

9. Strand Book Store, New York City
One of the widest collections of new, rare and used books is in Strand Book Store in New York City. They carry both local and foreign titles which totals to over 18 miles of books.

10. Ruby Lane, San Francisco, CA
Ruby Lane is noteworthy because of them variety that they provide. Their selections comprise of antique furniture, jewelry, fine art and many more. Their consignees have varied specialties contributing to the wide display of options that they carry.

The best way to start is to know what piece you are looking to acquire. Once you do, visit one of these places and speak with their experts to help you choose the right one for you.

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