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Where to buy organic food in Houston, Missouri

Organic heirloom green tomatoes for frying or ripening
Organic heirloom green tomatoes for frying or ripening
Merlyn Seeley

Living in a small town such as Houston, Missouri, it can be very hard finding good organic food at the local stores. Mostly because in this area, a big time cattle and hay farming community, most of the type of folks that live here are simple folks that are just trying to get by as best they can.

Organic grown heirloom Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes locally grown
Merlyn Seeley

The organic movement is slowly picking up steam. If it were faster one might expect that some small town farmers, such as those here in Texas county, would be first on the list to ask for more organic varieties in the local grocery stores. Problem is, we still have to get the word out about the tremendous health and environmental effects that chemical farming has.

It is cheaper to do conventional farming because the yields are higher. Maybe so, and this does not include genetically modified (GMO) farming, but what does this say for our planet, our community, our future farming abilities?

If chemical farming, destroys the very soil we use to farm in, what will we do when there is no more "good" soil? So, families, that are making a move towards more of the organic way of life, in Houston and the surrounding small farm towns, are left to fend for themselves when it comes to providing healthy, safe organic food for their families.

Well, there are, as most would call it, diamonds in the ruff. In Texas county, alone, there are a few places that even small time farmers with hardly any extra income for food can shop at and bring home a bounty of organics.

There is a place, just 40 minutes drive from Houston, Missouri, called Shetler's Discount Grocery, where any family can afford to shop and can afford to buy 100% organic! That's right, how about a grocery cart loaded to the top, with just organic foods, that would normally cost you about $300 at the local Walmart, costing you about $120 at Shetler's.

It may be a discount grocery store but the items there are fine, they are perfect for your budget and one that is only set for healthier alternatives to the mainstream GMO foods. Scratch and dent mostly, but some outdated canned goods, which technically has a shelf life of 2-3 times the amount allowed by the standard Health regulations for retail stores.

We are talking Annies Organics, Wolfgang Puck Organics, Horizon Organics, Pacific Organics and the list just goes on. The people at Shetler's Discount Grocery are nice and when you get hungry from all that shopping they even have an attached cafe.

If you choose to forego the store shopping method and want something even more local, Houston, Missouri actually has a small Farmer's Market that is open Tuesdays from 3-6 p.m. and Fridays from 7 a.m. to noon.