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Where to Buy Herbs in Denver, Colorado

Dried Herbs
Dried Herbs

Home-grown herbs are the most rewarding and beneficial means of obtaining natural remedies; however, not everyone can fit gardening into their every day schedule.  Here in Denver Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottages are no rare occurrence, but there are also some great locally-owned places that specialize in herbal products: dry, fresh, teas, and capsules.  Tinctures--herbs in the form of a liquid alcohol solution--are another great way to take advantage of these power plants, and can be found at the following stores:

Ying Yang Supply
1441 York Street
Denver, CO, 80206

Apothecary Tinctura
Cherry Creek
2900 East 6th Avenue
Denver, CO

TCM Herbal Inc.
1035 South Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO, 80219

Also keep in mind that it's easy to start seeds any time of the year and move them outside for the warmer months.  Many herbs are perennials and will return each year.  Check out Aly's herb guide for alfalfa, rosemary, and kelp.


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