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Where There is No Vision the Church Perishes

I feel like I'm always complaining about something. People don't like complainers, right? But since there is righteous indignation, is it possible there is an equivalent in the world of bellyaching? Could complaining be construed as standing up and fighting for a standard? I'm going with a "yes" answer here because without it, I won't find the motivation to continue with my rant. I'm a self-confessed idealist. Most people have that perceived human fault knocked or coaxed out of them before they reach sixty-four years of age. I've been stubborn. I refuse to let go of the concept that we followers of Jesus can and should lead a life of excellence in the area of goodness and cooperation. If we have died to self and our stone heart has been replaced with an organ of flesh, then why should we not live for the one who redeemed us? If we are truly living for Him, there will be no shadow of compromise with God's standard nor of cowardice nor apathy.

You might be wondering what catalyst has set me off this time and what my point is. OK, here you go. A couple of days ago I ran into a wall of disillusionment. Not disappointment, disillusionment. I was ready to believe that nobody is really living for the Lord and that the spirit of Mammon rules the earth and the airwaves. The exact way I felt was like in Braveheart when William Wallace discovers that the knight he is fighting is actually his supposedly fearless leader, Robert the Bruce. That story appears to be a fig Newton of Hollywood's imagination, but the example remains. I felt like someone I looked up to as leading the fight against the devil was actually selling out.

So you still want more details, huh? OK, you're dragging it out of me. Here you go. I ran across a Facebook post from a man representing the 700 Club indicating that CBN was starting a new program that would shine the spotlight on Christian entertainment. What a wonderful surprise that was. I was pumped because someone who has the platform was actually going to use their influence to help God's media army to get their messages before the public. I wrote to the man and my joy turned to consternation and then to disillusionment. They are certainly hosting such a program, but in order for a film maker or author or singer or comedian to be featured on the show, they have to invest a minimum of $10,000 for advertising. And so only those entertainers who can fork out ten thousand dollars will get the exposure needed to succeed in the world of Christian entertainment, at least from CBN. Here I thought these guys had the vision that in order to battle Satan, the entertainment media is a vital part of the armed forces and for maximum effectiveness they needed to give air support to the media troops. Instead dollar signs rule the day and life goes on as usual. Films that everybody knows about like Heaven is For Real and God's Not Dead will be featured on their show and movies that perhaps have more impact potential won't be because the producers don't have the do, ray, mi to spend on advertising. When will Christians realize that movies are a weapon in the spiritual warfare going on around us? Or perhaps better asked, when will Christians realize there even is a war?

Everywhere I look I see Christian ministries protecting their turf and advancing their own cause. It is time we all come together for the Kingdom. Watch this video of what happens when believers put away their differences for a season and come together in unity to war against the forces of Satan:

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