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Where in the World is Mickey?

A hidden Mickey at Disney's Beach Club Resort.
A hidden Mickey at Disney's Beach Club Resort.
Sean D. Estes

Taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of Walt Disney World can be an invigorating experience. After all, Disney is famous for its attention to detail and magical touches. Finding all of the little details left behind by imagineers has become quite an activity in itself.  In fact, "hidden Mickey" hunts have become a sort of attraction of their own among many Walt Disney World fans.

To start , a solid understanding of what constitutes a "hidden Mickey" is needed.  A hidden Mickey is an image of Mickey Mouse that is blended into the surroundings of an attraction, resort, or restaurant in a way that is not normally noticeable or obvious.  While they might not be obvious, they are everywhere;  bed sheets, wallpaper, carpet, and even spotlights can hide them. 

The big questions is "why find them?"  Everyone has their own reasons.  Some collect photos of hidden mickeys to show off their knowledge.  Others use this sort of treasure hunt to pass the time in the attraction queues and back at the resort, making a game out of it for the rest of the family.  Whatever the reason, there are plenty to find.  So many that one Disney fan has written a book on the subject.

Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best Kept Secrets by Steve Barrett is a pack sized book with a sizeable list (800 +) of hidden Mickey's listed by location.  Thankfully the list doesn't take the fun out of the search, it just points you in the right direction.  While the book covers a number of hidden treasures, its companion website, the Hidden Mickeys Guide, has hundreds more contributed by the author and other Disney Fans.  Both the book and the website are great places to find more information on the subject.

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