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Where the strong and good drinks are in Atlanta

Atlanta Botanical Garden
Atlanta Botanical Garden
Atlanta Botanical Garden

What’s the significance of the year 1973 to the Atlanta Botanical Garden? It’s actually the year that brought upon a petition by Atlanta citizens to bring about a Botanical Garden to the city, which was finally incorporated in 1976 as the private, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation Atlanta Botanical Garden Inc.

But the year 1980 was the turning point, and in that year a 50-year lease was negotiated with the city- which secured the property for years to come. Years later Atlantans still continue to enjoy the gardens, but maybe not so much for the actual gardens themselves but for the drinks. You know, the booze. Those good ol’ drinks that keep flowing on Thursdays, from May to September every year.

Of course just the drinks alone aren’t worth coming out for the Botanical Gardens, but it sure does help. A number of exciting promotional activities take place, including many social events, major art exhibitions, and who’ll forget their annual Garden of Eden Ball- but it’s the drinks at this weekly Thursday event that Atlantans will flock to.

“Cocktails in the Garden” is the name of this event, and it happens from May to September, at 6-10p.m. on every Thursday. Mix and mingle at a beautiful cocktail party right in the midst of the gardens, while enjoying the scenery of the city from the gardens. Depending on which day you attend the cocktail party, you can catch great music played by the best DJs, chef demos, or cultural performances- but regardless on which day you attend does it really matter when there’s great alcoholic beverages paired with wonderful shows, scenery, and events.

All of the garden’s 30 acres are utilized as you’re free to roam around anywhere you wish to with your beverages, and take in the well-designed garden. Adjacent to Piedmont Park right in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia the Botanical Garden is just one of the perfect places you may view Atlanta’s skyline.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden isn’t just for the warm days and in the winter it offers Atlantans a terrific holiday light show. What’s called the “Garden Lights, Holiday Nights” started in 2011- with it featuring displays created with more than 1 million lights, most of them being LED. The show garnered such popularity that just in the next year it attracted 160,000 visitors and more than 1.5 million lights were used. It’s much more than just a seasonal Botanical Garden, so visit anytime to find out what’s next on the horizon.