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Where the inspiration for tech in ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ came from

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Breathing new life into a series like Call of Duty is no small feat. Sledgehammer Games has picked up the mantle and arguably taken care to give the franchise a much needed respawn. Aaron Halon, Senior Development Director at Sledgehammer, working on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, gave us an inside look at where the radical new ideas came from. Halon described,

"It’s funny because there’s a back and forth. We’ve had both the experience of coming up with the idea and then reading about it the next week, or reading about something and saying ‘whoa, that’s got to go in the game.’

Speaking about the exoskeleton inclusion the future based title, Halon said that the idea came to the team, then lo and behold the tech started to become real.

"We were coming up with that, and this is three years ago, and next thing we know we’re reading papers on it," Halon said, "The military is really doing this or we’re watching videos where these devices are helping people who are paralyzed it’s all real [technology]. It’s real technology that’s out there."

Halon is not bluffing, this tech is real and happening to be refined at an astronomical rate. What initially may appear as nothing more than a distant notion in a Tom Cruise movie, is here and now, and being sized down to real world, and battlefield applications.

Not only is Sledgehammer banking on this exciting technology being commonplace in the future, but they're trying to imagine a world where it's been around for a bit, and where it might go next. Halon said,

We’re taking that and saying, ‘where will it be in four years?’ [Our concept] is a little more advanced, but almost idea we have could be related in some way to a real-world equivalent. I think that helps to ground the game and make it feel very realistic.

These exoskeletons will serve your soldier in more ways than just brute strength, they allow Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a certain verticality that first person shooters have been lacking in recent years. Not since Titanfall have players been able to move so swiftly around the map, and been expected to explore not only left and right, but up.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releases on November 4 for Xbox and Playstation consoles, as well as on PC. Eager players can preorder the "Day Zero Edition" for a day of early access, bonus XP, and other goodies.