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Where the gays of LA will be celebrating St Patrick's Day this year

One of Nicholls and Woodbeck's "Dirty Dancers" at "Garage" gets into the St Patrick's Day spirit
One of Nicholls and Woodbeck's "Dirty Dancers" at "Garage" gets into the St Patrick's Day spirit
Gerry Garcia

As one doesn’t need to be Mexican to shoot tequila on Cinco de Mayo, you don’t have to be a true blood Irish descendant or have an ”O” before your last name to participate in the St Patrick’s Day festivities. And like Cinco de Mayo, Carnival and Mardi Gras have morphed into alco-centric celebrations in the US instead of actual moments to reflect on traditions of a foreign culture, St Patrick’s Day is definitely one of—if not the—top spirited holidays on the calendar. Is it because the Irish have developed and maintained the reputation for being notorious lovers of booze and beer and we feel paying the best way to pay tribute is to mimic this devotion?

Sure you could make an effort to acknowledge those Irish men and women who changed our world forever like Henry George Ferguson, designer of the modern farm tractor, Vincent Barry, the man who led the team that discovered the treatment for leprosy, or Francis Rynd, the doctor who invented the hypodermic needle and syringe. Or maybe you’d like to tip your hat to LGBT Irish culture and toast a legend like Oscar Wilde, or a more contemporary Irish gay-lebrity like TV host Graham Norton or the late singer Stephen Gately from Boyzone. Perhaps it’s an even more superficial affection you have for the gay Irish culture, and you’d rather devote your moment of reflection to thinking about Irish actor Colin Farrell’s man-on-man smooch in “A Home at the End of the World.”

Either way, don’t waste your time scouring Echo Park for the four-leaf clover you’re hoping will bring you a successful love life in 2010. Get ye out to the local bars to carouse with your Irish-for-one-night-only brethren, where if anything, you’ll have way better luck snagging a mate, even if it’s just for this one night only.

Listed alphabetically below are the West Hollywood and Silver Lake bars and clubs hosting some of the better local St Patrick’s Day parties and in-bar promotions this holiday. And sorry, for those looking for something resembling a fête with true Irish authenticity, there are no corned beef and cabbage flavored cocktails in this guide…

Akbar – Besides offering their usual $4 Cosmopolitans on Wednesday, Silver Lake’s “neighborhood oasis” has Irish-themed drink specials beginning at 7 PM. Guinness beer is $5; shots of house Irish whiskey are $3.   Akbar – 4356 Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake, 90029, 323-665-6810

The Abbey – The coffee-shop turned monolith pays homage to the holiday with two playfully named $10 cocktails, the “Bite My Apple”—a martini made with Whiskey, Apple Pucker, Midori and Cranberry Juice—and the “Drunk and Horny”—a muddling of limes, mint and simple syrup with Jameson and a splash of soda on the rocks. Each time one of these cocktails is ordered, the guest receives a raffle ticket for a chance to win the “Pot O’ Gold.”   The Abbey Food & Bar – 692 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, 90069, 310-289-8410

Fiesta Cantina – Even this Mexican-themed restaurant/bar gets into the Irish spirit on their super popular Karaoke night, with 99 cent “Leprechaun shots”—essentially a green Kamikaze—“Shamrock shots”—a citrusy tequila-based shot—and Coronitas—yes, those wonderfully cute mini Corona bottles—until they run out.   Fiesta Cantina – 8865 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, 90069, 310-652-8865

Gold Coast – This bar always has some of the most personable bartenders in West Hollywood, the most unpredictable and fun retro music, and on St Patty’s day they get into the spirit of things with $2 green draft beer all day, other appropriately themed drink specials and Irish Flag Jell-o shots.  Gold Coast – 8228 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, 90046, 323-656-4879

Here Lounge – Paul Nicholls and Woody Woodbeck’s weekly “Garage” party goes green, opening their doors earlier than usual at 8 PM, with beats spun by DJ Brynn Taylor. Cover remains $5 and the very popular open bar runs from 8 PM until 11 PM for this week only, with $2 green beer available all night, along with other green cocktail specials. The “Dirty Money” contest sounds like it will be the closest thing to a pot of gold in West Hollywood—the 1 AM drawing jackpot is $500 this week. Here’s hoping you’ve got the luck of the Irish on your side…  Here Lounge – 696 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, 90069, 310-360-8455

Micky’s – Pornstar Christian Owen is “your lucky surprise,” at Stefano Rosso’s “Hot Rod” party, DJ’ing for the crowd who turns out for $5 green draft beer and to party with what allegedly will be a “real” leprechaun. As long as it’s not the one from the 1993 horror movie and this isn’t some weird dig at the hunky Owen’s height, this sounds like it will be another fun place in West Hollywood to get one’s dance on for St Patty's Day.  Micky’s – 8857 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, 90069, 310-657-1176

MJ’s Bar  – Promoter Dirty Burty’s throwing a St Patrick’s Day party here with DJ Konrad Parker and DJ Ben, and Burty’s “Dirty Dancers,” plus what he promises will be a leprechaun in a green thong. So that's what that little devil on the front of the Lucky Charms box has on under that sharp little green suit!  Drink specials should run throughout the night, as well as green beer for $5 from 4-9 and $6 after 9 PM.  MJ’s Bar – 2810 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, 90027, 323-660-1503

Mother Lode – This longstanding West Hollywood watering hole often has cheap beer on Wednesdays, but this week they bar will be gussied up in green and green beer will cost you $2 a glass, $6 a pitcher, until they run out.  Mother Lode – 8944 Santa Monica Blvd. West Holllywood, 90069, 310-659-9700


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