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Where the games are part 1

Stonebridge Games Logo
Stonebridge Games Logo
Courtesy of Stonebridge Games

Here in the Denver area it's not always easy to find a game shop that has more than just board games.

So in an effort to help people out, this series of articles will highlight some hobby game stores from as far North as Longmont and as far South as Aurora.

Starting in Longmont, Stonebridge Games is an excellent store for finding miniatures games, trading card games (TCGs), board games, and even some role-playing games (RPGs).

The staff there is easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and ready to help.  The store is about one third merchandise with the other two thirds of the store is given over to tables to play all those wonderful games they sell. 

The store hosts several events each week, like a board game night every Thursday, a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG night, and many more.  Stonebridge has a calendar on their site listing events for the month. 

Eugene Waara is the man in charge and has a great view of his store and games in general.  Eugene sees games as a great way to build a community and in his store it is working out very well.  His Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG night has several regular players and typically has 25 to 30 players at a single event.

Eugene told the Examiner that "The store has almost become a community center."

In conclusion, Stonebridge Games is an extremely welcoming environment with a wide array of games and a place to play them with a staff that really cares about what they are doing.


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