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Where’s Your Daddy Justin Bieber?

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Everyone is tackling the dilemma of a nineteen year old megastar. Where are his “handlers?” the media asks.

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There are lawyers and psychologists and star gazers all giving their input.

Bieber is a business commodity and lots of moolah is in this franchise and everyone around him is worried.

Except maybe his Father!

Look, I am a psychologist, family therapist by background and now a consultant to businesses in the areas of leadership development and team collaboration.

In my book “Don’t Bring It to Work” I talk about how the patterns we learned in our original organization, the family play out in our work organization. Once you see the connection it makes it so much easier to understand that what we learned about anger, betrayal, belittling, back-biting, accountability, fairness, and favoritism.

Justin Bieber has a talent and that talent has been exploited by many. He was thrust into the spotlight and made into a mini-god by kids and adults alike.

However, there are two adults who need to get in the act and become the leaders they are meant to be!

In my Total leadership Connections program business leaders are asked to look at what they learned at home from mom and dad. They begin to see that patterns such as avoider, victim, and rescuer came from watching and the becoming like their parents. Usually one was favored subconsciously and thus they learned at a very young age not to question and look the other way (avoider) or to make like of noise and challenge everything (rebel).

In Bieber’s case I just wonder where the mostly absent and now very involved Dad (they seem to be playmates) can be helped to learn to be a leader for his son, not just an add-on?

Maybe we are putting the wrong people in jail.

Hey, Lindsay Lohan anything to say about that?