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Where's your camera? Don't leave home without it!

If you think it's too much trouble to lug your photo equipment everywhere you go, you either need a smaller camera...or bigger motivation. 

There are many reasons why you should carry your gear with you at all times. Let's just start with a few:

Being prepared is a valid motto for every endeavor--no less for photography.

It trains you to think of and more readily see photographic potentials. A good photo begins with the art of seeing. If you don't have your camera handy, you won't have any motivation to cultivate the art of seeing.

Photo opportunities aren't simply 'grabbed'. They're more often created...sometimes with considerable effort and risk. If you don't have your camera handy, you have no reason to make the effort or take the risk. 

Unusual and exciting circumstances do actually occur when we least expect them. Whether a thing of beauty or a moment of terror, do you really want to create the photo of your lifetime on your cell phone? Make the effort and earn the rewards.

We'll cover more reasons to be prepared with your photo gear in an upcoming article, but let me end with one that has served me well on more than one occasion. If you drive a car and get ever rear-ended, head-on'd, side-swiped or T-boned; you (and your insurance company) will be glad that you took the time to walk around the scene and collect as many high-quality photos as possible. If a picture is ever worth a thousand dollars, and if you are prepared... this is your moment to smile. 

We'll have more valuable information and ideas coming up regularly. Thanks for checking in. Please review some of my previous articles and let me know what specific kind of information would be helpful to you.


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