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Where's the transparency, Mr. President?

Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl held captive by Islamic extremists in Pakistan in 2002.
Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl held captive by Islamic extremists in Pakistan in 2002.


  • The Better Man 6 years ago

    "Why is President Obama determined to control the media and free flow of information?"

    A more important question is: What, if anything at all, is President Obama NOT determined to control under his socialist agenda?

    "Where's the transparency, Mr. President?"

    No matter how polished the outside of a glass is made to appear, it cannot be transparent if the inside is full of crap.

  • 50 Caliber 6 years ago

    Ken, an astute warning of the great American downfall. Like the Roman Empire, I fear we are in the phase of falling as folks want the government to do everything for them, at least that is my thoughts on what we are seeing. Like the old black and white television series, "Don't touch your sets, All of what your seeing will be controlled" or something like that. I'm afraid that old science fiction is coming to fruition. Great commentary on the seemingly "American Condition"

  • NJ Colborne 6 years ago

    Welcome to the land of the free. Newspeak, here we come.

  • Rhozier 6 years ago

    Great article. It discusses one of many problems with this administration. The guy who promised to bring Americans together has created the most divisiveness I have seen in the country since the Vietnam war. It is both sad and troublesome to see. Keep writing and spreading the word. As a country we are at a crossroads and the next election is crucial. We can't replace the President in November, but we can vote in enough right-thinking and acting legislatures to stop his agenda and make his last two years a lame-duck administration. Your articles and insight are helpful in inculcating those who must get out the vote.

  • Examiner Reader 6 years ago

    I think Obama is totally transparent -- we can see right through him and his tactics!

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