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Where's the equal outrage over Kerry's racist statement ?

Surely Donald Sterling’s racist remarks were outrageous and should be condemned. As such, the National Basketball Association banned Los Angeles Clippers owner from the NBA for life. In addition, Sterling, the longest-tenured owner of any of the 30 NBA teams, will not be allowed any role in the operations of his team nor be able to serve as one of the league's governors. , NBA Commissioner Adam Silver also said that they hope to force Sterling to sell the Clippers,

Yet, where is the outrage and condemnation of a similar racist remark by Secretary of State, John Kerry when he compared Israel to an Apartheid state? Sterling’s remarks were said during a private phone conversation between two individuals, a conversation illegally recorded and then submitted to the news media.

On the other hand, Kerry’s statement, though also private behind closed doors, was not a private conversation between two individuals. Rather, Kerry made the racist statement while representing our government in the in the official capacity as the Secretary of State to a group of influential leaders which could very well have had, or still have, worldwide implications—far more reaching and serious than for the NBA, a nationwide business organization.

Some are calling for Kerry’s resignation. However, based on the severity of Sterling’s punishment, shouldn’t Kerry be immediately and swiftly banned for life from government capacity?

If not, then where’s the equality? In fact, because Kerry’s statement can have far more reaching ramifications than Sterling’s, shouldn’t Kerry’s punishment be more severe?


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