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Where's the beef? At Holeman and Finch Public House

My roommate is a vegetarian turned recent vegan. I am the opposite of that, whatever that is. There was a point in my life that I’m fairly certain I ate a cheeseburger a day. A Wendy's No. 3 can be polished off without flinching (for those non-fast foodies, a No. 3 is a triple cheeseburger, fries and soft drink). In my eyes, the Hamburgler is a hero. So when every Atlanta publication raved about Holeman and Finch’s burgers, I knew where my next beef binge was coming from.

Obtaining a burger from Holeman and Finch Public House is a tricky feat. For starters, they aren’t even on the daily menu. They start selling them at 10 each night, but they make them in limited quantities and have been known to sell out by 10:05. Urban legend says that a lively patron once shouted, “It’s burger time!” causing a commotion amongst the crowd, which resulted in an extra round of burgers being sold.

So as not to be disappointed by a burger sell-out, I decided to give this place a try on a Sunday. Burgers are a regular item on the Sunday lunch menu, and this town knows it. The tiny space was bustling with a mixture of families, friends and a few folks who looked like they shared my hangover and need for grease.
The wait for a table was only around 20 minutes, being on a meaty mission with little patience, we sat in the bar area on too-tiny stools facing a wall. I had my official drink of Sundays, a mimosa (delightful and made with fresh-squeezed O.J.) and B.F. had a beer off of their eclectic beer list.

We didn’t need time to look over the menus, we were there with a purpose and that purpose was beef. My boyfriend and I ordered our items, simply titled The Burger. Much to our surprise, my vegetarian roommate decided to break her year-plus lifestyle of meatless-ness and go with a Fried Oyster Sandwich.

When the burgers came, I thought I might have a culinary convulsion. The two thick slices of beef were smothered in melted cheese and piled with grilled onions. Fries, ketchup and mustard were served on the side. The task that lay ahead looked daunting, but I had confidence in my ability to lick my plate clean.

The burgers definitely lived up to the hype. Juicy, flavorful and with just the right amount of grease, Holeman and Finch knows how to do a burger. Never one to stop when I’m full, I happily cleaned my plate, as did my boyfriend. The roommate, however, was slightly disappointed with her meat-cheat meal. Even after several douses of hot sauce, she wished she’d stuck to her tofu. Lesson learned. 

The fries were so-so, but I’m the type of gal that can eat cardboard if it has enough ketchup on it.
Holeman and Finch rounds out the menu with a selection of meats, cheeses and parts (e.g. Slow Cooked Bershire Pork Belly, Gratin of Marrow). Desserts include Fried Apple Pie with Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and even a Coca-Cola Float!

Prices are just right, with our burgers costing $11 and the rest of the menu ranging from $3 (Deviled Eggs Three Ways) to $15 (Plate of House Cured Meats).

The service was a little spotty, but being a table jockey myself for around 10 years, I’ll cut this place some slack. I know all too well it takes time for a restaurant to work the kinks out, service wise.

This Public House prides itself for having a friendly, come as you are atmosphere. Just make sure you come hungry.

Holeman and Finch Public House is located at 2277 Peachtree Road, next to Restaurant Eugene.

~Blair Branch


  • Bethany Atlanta Relationships Examiner 5 years ago

    No offense Holeman and Finch, but I'm maintaining that Padriac's Pub in Vinings still has the best burgers in town!

  • Sean 5 years ago

    based on the article alone, i am going to try Holeman and Finch

  • Lindy 5 years ago

    This story made my mouth water. I don't know where our love from Burgers came from, but I surely want one from Holeman and Finch.

  • Luann 5 years ago

    I do love a good hamburger and I will be there real soon to get one---Review made me hungry

  • Luann 5 years ago

    I love a good hamburger with good meat---I'll be trying your hamburgers really soon---Great Review, it made me hungry