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Where's rage against pro-immigration violence and vandalism?

American flag caped protester holds Mexican flag at Arizona Capitol.
American flag caped protester holds Mexican flag at Arizona Capitol.
AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Tea Party protest rallies are constantly criticized for alleged spitting, imagined violence and supposed hatemongering. Yet, when the real thing happens at Arizona’s recent protests against the state’s new immigration bill, the media is strangely silent.

Incidents of violence were reported in recent protests, but I guess that’s OK because the cause is just (at least in the minds of liberals).

Even when refried beans in the shape of swastikas were smeared on sidewalks and glass doors of the state capitol, there were no references made to this being a hate crime. Imagine the concerted outrage if a Tea Party member had done something similar.

Yes, the old liberal double standard is alive and well in the current Arizona uproar. How dare those Arizonians try to enforce federal law.

Who could have imaged that one day there would be thousands of protesters rallying in support of breaking our federal and state laws? It seems that America has truly gone insane.

And yes, the media no longer just reports the news; they shape the news; they hide the news they don’t want us to hear and they criticize the news what does not fit their pre-conceived uber-liberal agenda.

You can count on more mock outrage about trumped-up Tea Party atrocities and more moral cheerleading of violent immigration law protesters. Welcome to a country and a world turned upside down. 


  • oldfatcowboy 5 years ago

    Keep up the good fight brother!

  • Profile picture of Barry Albin
    Barry Albin 4 years ago

    As Teddy Roosevelt said: "I have no problem with immigrants so long as they learn our language and assimilate into our society, follow our laws and become citizens."

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