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Where oh where has my little dog gone

Divorce can divide more than the human factors.
Divorce can divide more than the human factors.

As of late, human beings refer to themselves as pet parents as opposed to dog owners when they have a dog that they dote on night and day. With this latest obsession with our pets came the advent of pet boutiques that sell everything from food and treats, to custom collars, leashes, toys, clothes, and furniture. Are we obsessed? We are!

With any obsession though, negativity tends to sprout. In some instances of late, people are stealing our beloved pets from our automobiles or even from our yards; pet-napping and then selling them back to us when we locate them online.

Burt Constable wrote about another negative instance Sunday in the Suburban Stories Section of the Daily Herald. Constable pointed out that since dogs are now considered to be family members, that in cases of divorce, the dogs (and most likely other pets, too) are being fought over for custody – pretty similar to cases involving children.

This type of negativity can get quite unruly and the dog will be the one to suffer the fate! No matter if the dog ends up with one parent or the other, the dog’s emotions will be twisted and turned like a wet towel being wrung dry.

Dogs feel negativity and just like human beings, their emotions will surface as a result. They may even get physically ill due to the fact that they cannot stand all of the arguing and fighting. Just like children, a dog wants peace and harmony – not a bunch of screaming, yelling and crying as a result of them.

As Burt’s article pointed out, there are many animal advocates (thankfully some in the legal department) that are working on the rights of the animals in question. Where once they were designated as property, the laws are reconsidering because animals are living beings not an inanimate object!

It will truly be interesting to see how the law is changed to accommodate human attitudes – and it will. As human whims and desires affect their attitudes, we will most likely see resulting change, not just in law, but in other factors of our lives and the lives of our animals.

It is just too bad that negativity must rear its ugly head into every situation; emotions and greed have a lot to do with that though. Although it is great that dogs are now considered part of our family and have the goods to make their lives one of comfort and love, it is too bad that they will have to feel the same thing humans feel when it comes to dividing the claim if and when the time comes. If it does, let’s just hope that the dog, just like the children, does not simply become a bargaining chip!

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