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Where my Peeps at? Travel magazine wants to see the adventures of legendary confection

Do you and your Peeps have what it takes?
Do you and your Peeps have what it takes?
Photo by Charlotte Johnson

With springtime just weeks away, store shelves everywhere are starting to overflow with the bunny and chick-shape marshmallows most commonly referred to by their street name, Peeps.

While people who elect to eat these little guys may in fact be hard to come by, there isn’t a soul around who hasn’t made it their Easter tradition to have a little fun at their expense.

National Geographic Traveler has created the perfect contest for those with an adventurous spirit to pack up their Peeps and play. “Peeps in Places” encourages readers to submit their photos of their pastel-colored friends interacting with the world-at-large.

“We want to know what it felt like to be there,” said Dan Westergren, Senior Photo Editor for National Geographic Traveler. “And we want to be able to tell by looking at the photograph that the Peep had a good time.

Here's how to submit your photos:

1) Go to the Your Shot Page at

2) If you have a profile, log in. If you don't have one yet, create a profile.

3) Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

4) Upload your photo, and, this is important, be sure to tag your photo: Peeps. That's how they'll be able to find it.

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