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Changed Priorities
Changed Priorities
Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Exodus 29:38 - 30:1 - 10
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is “Tetzaveh,” “You shall command.”

We have just finished reading the instructions to Moses/Moshe for consecrating Aaron and his sons as priest unto GOD.

Today we read the instructions for consecrating the altar, that two sheep are to be sacrificed daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

These sheep are to be offered for all generations before GOD at the entrance of the Communion Tent, where GOD communes with all the people by speaking with Moshe there.

GOD states that HE will make HIS presence felt among the Israelite and HE will be a GOD for them.

HE commands Moshe to build an altar to burn incense.

He is to build this altar out of acacia wood covered in gold, making also rings of gold and acacia wood poles covered in gold with which to carry it.

The incense altar is to also have horns as the altar outside the tent and incense is to be offered up before GOD by Aaron, each morning when he cleans out the lamps, and each evening when he lights the lamps.

This altar of incense is to offer up the fragrance to GOD outside the partition to the Ark of the Testimony for all generations at all times.

Furthermore, GOD instructs, once each year, Aaron will make atonement on the horns of this altar. For all generations he will make atonement with the blood of the atonement sacrifice, once each year.

This altar will be a holy of holies to GOD.

Again we continue to see so much in these scriptures.

We see a GOD who wants to commune with HIS people, HE desires to be close to them and to make HIS presence known.

HE desires to consecrate priest unto HIM, in HIS service in HIS Tabernacle.

HE takes great care instructing Moshe in the order of correct and right patterns to create the perfect space in which HE will dwell.

We seem to have lost so much of this today.

We no longer seem to pay as much attention to these patterns which GOD has designed to create the perfect dwelling place for HIM.

Today we seem to be more concerned with our perfect dwelling place, our comfort and our manner of praise and worship.

We seem to be consumed with creating the largest gathering, the best music, the most profound speeches and orations to motivate people, encourage people and yes, even cause fear and trembling in hope of their repentance at the altar.

Why have we strayed so far from the original design?

Do we now believe the dwelling of GOD is so common that it no longer demands we follow HIS patterns?

There are many things we cannot follow simply because they were consecrated unto the temple. Does this mean we are to throw out all of HIS instructions?

Should we not strive to carry out as much of GOD’s instructions and patterns for HIS presence even today?

Have we become so “comfortable” with our spirituality and our current “presence” that we have no desire for more?

Are we no longer willing to do what HE desires to have more of HIM?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

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