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Where is your next photo coming from?

Sign outside the gate
Sign outside the gate

Did you know that there are castles in Ohio? One is truly a castle and the other is on old water tower that was built in 1894, but it looks like a castle from the outside. It is no longer used as a water tower and though the public can not view it from inside of its aged stone walls, it is still a sight to behold from the exterior. This is an amazing photo waiting to happen. As the sun moves along and clouds roll by, the shadows fall on this Vine street structure and give it a new look with each passing hour, and oh yes I mentioned a real castle, In Loveland to be exact. This is a photographers dream. So many angles and textures to be admired and captured on film or on a digital memory card (your preference). You can’t go wrong here.

“Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati”
Pictures by: Elizabeth Steinhilber

Where there is hope
Just across the river in Covington is a quaint little place called the Garden of Hope. The scenic views will take your breath away during any season, from autumn leaves to budding spring flowers, rock structures and more. You would want to bring a variety of lenses with you to this haven so that you could capture not only the wide angle view as far as the lenses can see of the city beneath the hill it is perched on, but also a macro lens to appreciate the beautiful flowers and nature that surrounds this secluded photographer’s secret treasure. You might find that a good telephoto lens will come in handy also. Thank goodness for SLR cameras endless lense choices, because you will need them here.

Take the last train
Here is one more extra special treat for any photographer young or old. There is this little unnoticed spot in Latonia just moments from Cincinnati, which is not only interesting but everything beyond its gates is picture perfect. You will be taken back in time as you walk along the miles of track and railway cars. This last magical place is often over looked though I am not sure why. Even many of the residents of the city do not know of its existence. It is called the “Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati”, located at 315 W Southern Ave. You have to photograph this one to believe it. Once again a good suggestion would be a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens. Have fun fellow photographers, and remember there is a picture waiting for you around every corner, sometimes you just need to know where to look...


  • RailBuff59 5 years ago

    I'm a longtime fan of the railway museum. It's nice to see it get some recognition for a change. Thanks Elizabeth!

  • CincyShutterbug 5 years ago

    Another great article. The Examiner seems to have finally found someone who understands people that like to take pictures. Keep up the great work.

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