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Where is your heart nudging you to go

Where is your heart nudging you?
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Thursday, January 30, 2014: You've been through a six week intense and in-depth re-evaluation process, as you reassessed your relationship with yourself, with others... and with money, finances, and possessions, you were getting your priorities straight, so to speak. Full clarity will take time, but this re-evaluation of what really has value and importance in your life was the necessary beginning of a 6 month process that in the end is meant usher in a new chapter of your life by changing and/or refining the ways you feel, think and act.

Today's perspective expanding New Moon in Aquarius marks the beginning of a lunar month dedicated to the alignment of your thinking with your heart. And is the prelude to 2014's first Mercury retrograde... you know... those periods of time when you are asked to review and make sense of what has just transpired. But this month as you make that mental review, you'll also be assimilating a new, more heart-felt set of values, and rewriting the story of our live.

So while it might feel as if your head is spinning, there really is an important process going on, and this new lunar month is about aligning the calling of your heart with changes of attitude and awareness.

Where is your heart nudging you to go?

Today's Quote

We live in a world that is a whirlwind of thoughts, fears, expectations, and prayers. Sometimes it feels as if we are the little dinghies within the typhoon of life. Everything seems overwhelming, so all-encompassing. We feel powerless and less powerful than we have in a long time.

Every morning we wake up to a new day, a new opportunity, a new dilemma. With our first breath and first thought we set up the energies for the entire day. We can breathe in the vast possibilities of a day filled with miracles and dreams come true, or we can breathe in a day just like yesterday, nothing more, nothing less...

...We are the producers, actors, and the directors of the play we call life. When we do not like the direction our personal world is headed, it's up to us to energetically intervene, send love to all that pushes or buttons, changing the stage, the props and the lines of our life... our free will and choice affects the outcome and the flux of all creation... Janice Collins

Please note: The sky speaks to you if you will let it. Every day it delivers a message that each person hears in a uniquely different way. What do these daily self help messages mean to you and your life? To find an astrologer or to find out more about Patricia ~ click here.

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