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Japanese company rep demonstrates how a connector cleaner works
Japanese company rep demonstrates how a connector cleaner works
Anni Yang

At the recent Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) held in San Francisco, California, fiber optic companies from America, Japan, China, and Germany had the most exhibitors representing the products they make and sell. There were numerous companies from China that were present since that is where the mass majority of products are made from scratch. (As a future reference, the next time there is another OFC, most of those companies that will be showcasing will be needing Mandarin to English speaking translators who know what the words are for the products they have and how to explain the use of each individual piece.) There were several companies that do assemble their products in America in which they sell to the well-known cable and internet providers that go own to sell to the small to medium size companies they provide services for.

The biggest issue about fiber optics at this conference, is power supply! Whether a major cable provider needs power tower servers made so that they can supply their services to customers, larger companies that have massive amounts of internet users, the urgency is clear about how much is demanded so that people can receive the fastest speed service. New products were announced from the larger supply companies while several had unscheduled release dates mentioned while the conference was in progress.

Several companies from China and Japan had connector cleaners on display and for sale. What does that mean? The big issue that goes under the radar is that connectors in towers will slow down if they’re not cleaned of the dust and other matter that can build up inside. Special caps and adapters are attached to clean out the tiny particles from connectors when the pins are removed so that they can continue to run faster again. The special quick clicked cleaners are essential and extremely handy for cable providers whose servers provide supply to many commercial and residential customers. Maintenance of servers and their plugs has to be done frequently depending on how many systems they’re for.

Thin film lithium wafers were on display in smaller exhibits. The thin wafers are used for circuit electronic devices.

The majority of the world’s population cannot live without the Internet and electricity. Cable and Internet providers are always going to need more and the latest servers that fast like the speed of light. Data is always going to be recorded in computers for any occasion and the quickest and most efficient of all power supply is demanded of consumers. Consumers don’t know or at the very least understand the importance of what it means to have well maintained servers so that their business can continue. In the end, you can’t have electricity and Internet service if you don’t have fiber optics which is the very reason all products operate.