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Where Is the world's cheapest car? Not in the US


Tata Group's NANO!

Where is the world's cheapest car? Not in the US folks. That claim goes to a company in India that produces Tata Group's NANO.

Hardly more than a motorcycle inside a car, the NANO does have some safety features and it only costs $2500. Currently, it's only being sold in India.

While GM and Hyundai fight for the top spot in South Korea, GM may forge ahead with the introduction of a $4000 compact vehicle. Although GM plans to begin production on this unnamed compact, release dates and other information are not available.

The NANO, seen here may be the world's cheapest car, but what about the US automaker? Some experts feel economy or "dirt cheap" cars would not be profitable for US automakers. Why not? If enough of them were sold, there would be profits to divide. Haven't financial experts said this horrible economy we're in will only cease if we learn to live differently? We don't need it all do we?

Once again, American drivers sit and wait for a cheap, cheap car we can afford and are beaten out by cars that will fare better in sales overseas. If the NANO were available in the US, I think it would do well. Perhaps the US will never realize the world's cheapest car. Perhaps we are too happy with our gas-guzzling SUVs, trucks, and minivans!


  • Joshua 5 years ago

    We buy car here which puts us into debt for atleast 5 years. The amount we pay to buy and maintain(includes insurance) a car in USA is about 7000 dollars a year. For that amount we can probably buy two of those nano. It makes terrific economic sense to have these cars. I have calculated my cost of owning three cars over period of 20 years...has cost me more than 120000 dollars. Yes.all of you can verify yours.

    If we can get a car which cost less than 3000 dollars to own....the insurance will be even cheaper, cost of ownership will be even lower.