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'Where is the Love' debuts on UP TV in May with Lamaan Rucker and Denise Boutte

Lamman Rucker and Denise Boutte  star in the UP Original Movie “Where’s The Love?,” a romantic drama about two popular, married TV talk show hosts

UP will debut their original movie "Where’s The Love?"in May. The movie is a romantic drama featuring two popular, married TV talk show hosts, played by Lamman Rucker (UP’s Sugar Mommas, “Meet the Browns”) and Denise Boutte (“Meet the Browns,” “Days of Our Lives”), who dispense relationship advice as their marriage starts to crumble. Filmed in Atlanta, "Where’s The Love?" will premiere exclusively on UP on Saturday, May 3 at 7 p.m. EST.

The ensemble cast includes Terri J. Vaughn, Karon Joseph Riley, David Banner, V103 host Darian “Big Tigger” Morgan, Ahmed Lucan, Shirley Strawberry, Nicole Eggert, and LeToya Luckett. Kandi Burruss, Tommy Ford and singer-songwriter/record producer/actress Angie Stone guest star.

It is the one-year anniversary of the talk show "Where’s The Love?," hosted by married relationship experts and doctors Sebastian (Lamman Rucker) and Ryan Reid (Denise Boutte). They are in their mid-30s, great looking and have a successful counseling practice complete with best-selling books and an Emmy®-nominated TV show. Ryan and Sebastian seem to have it all, but secretly their relationship is falling apart. They’ve been keeping up appearances to Sebastian’s sister Kai (Terri J. Vaughn) and her husband Rod (Darian “Big Tigger” Morgan), Ryan’s best friend Sidney (David Banner), their producer Paige (Nicole Eggert), Ryan’s editor Dale (Karon Joseph Riley), their patients, their fans and the public to save their lucrative careers – until one day when it all comes out. Now, Ryan and Sebastian have to decide whether their own marriage can be saved.

Trey Haley (The Man in 3B, Note To Self) directs the film from a script by Cas Sigers-Beedles (UP’s Sugar Mommas, Love Will Keep Us Together).

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