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Where is Roxanne Paltauf?

Where could she be, after 8 years?
Flyer courtesy of Missing Roxanne Elizabeth Paltauf Facebook Page

For eight years, Roxanne Paltauf's family has been waiting for answers they may never get. On July 7, 2006, Roxanne disappeared and hasn't been seen or heard from since. Every year since then, family and friends gather to hand out missing persons flyers and bumper stickers, with the 18-year-old's photo on them. This year was no exception, as they gathered on Sunday to keep focus on their missing loved one.

According to her boyfriend, Louis Walls, with whom she was staying at an Austin, Texas Budget Inn, the couple had an argument and the teen left the room, leaving everything she owned behind, including her purse, clothes, and cell phone. That's all. She just vanished.

Her family thinks there is definitely more to the story than what has been shared. They feel that the "investigation" into Roxanne's disappearance was not thorough, considering Walls has no alibi, he was not brought in for questioning, and the room they were staying in was never searched.

Louis Walls is currently sitting in a Texas prison on burglary charges, but that didn't stop the teen's mother, Elizabeth Harris, from sending him one of the missing persons flyers she and her family hand out frequently. She said "While he's spending time where he's at, I want him to be thinking about Roxanne. Hopefully he can come forward with the information we need to find her...she was only 18 and bad things happen out there in the world. We just want to find her and bring her home. She deserves it and we love her a lot."

Recently, police believed they may have had a break in the case, when cadaver dogs hit on a field not far from the hotel where she was last seen. Sadly, nothing new was discovered, but it did make some think that the case had been closed. Harris wants to be sure that no one stops looking for her daughter.

Does Louis Walls have the answer to what happened to Roxanne Paltauf? Or could it just be coincidence that she walked away from him and was never seen again? Someone, somewhere knows where she is and it's about time they start talking. If you have any information, you are asked to call the Austin Police Department cold case unit at (512)-974-5250 or Crimestoppers at (512)-472-TIPS.

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