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Where is President Obama?

Where is President Obama? Now that is a particularly silly question because it has been widely noted that the President has been vacationing of late in Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. Maybe more direct questions for President Obama should be, "Why wasn't anything done to rescue reporter James Foley when he was captured by Islamic State radicals? Why did our government allow his captors to behead him? Why did it get to this point?"

Tonight, a family grieves for the loss of their loved one. Additionally, another reporter is awaiting the same fate as Jim Foley. Steven Sotloff is also being held hostage by the Islamic state. Will anything be done to bring Steven Sotloff home and out of harm's way?

The brazen abduction and senseless murder of American citizens is reason enough to take the Islamic State as a very serious threat to the United States and its allies and foreign interests world wide. The radical muslim extremists have taken their message to social media. They are already with us in the United States. It is only a matter of time before an attack occurs on our soil. They have even vowed to raise their flag over The White House.

In addition to declaring war on the United States, the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, is striving to form an Islamic Caliphate (or nation state) in the areas it controls from Syria to Iraq. As one might expect, the area the militant group controls is under sharia law which is the islamic version of law and order. Women are forced to cover their heads, and they cannot be seen in public without a male family member. Under sharia law, women can be stoned to death if they are accused of adultery. If a female is raped, she is blamed for the attack and can also be stoned if found guilty.

Another frightening item on the busy agenda of ISIS is the genocide of Christians, Jews, and other religious people who do not agree to convert to Islam. In Iraq, Christians are given a choice to either convert to Islam, pay a tax, or leave their homes. If they do not agree to one of these choices they are murdered.

With all of the warning signs hitting us straight in the face, it appears that the United States has no other choice but to deal with this threat of an Islamic Caliphate. The question to President Obama is, "What are we going to do about this, Mr. President?".

~Traci Otake, Los Angeles Political Examiner

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