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Where is Michaela Wells?

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Ms. Nebraska Teen, Michaela Wells, is missing. She was last seen Sunday evening, around 8:30, when she took out the trash from her Bellevue, NE home. She didn't come back inside and was reported missing around 9:00 pm.

There is very little to go on in the search for the teen beauty queen, though police do not suspect foul play and can't rule out that she simply ran away. However, her mother, Theresa Norris, doesn't believe this to be true. She is worried out of her mind about her young daughter, a worry that is not without reason this day and age. She says her daughter couldn't have been happier just prior to her disappearance, as she had just chosen the dress for her next pageant and had been invited, as a date, to attend a military ball for her high school's junior ROTC program.

Michaela Wells is 5'6" tall and weighs about 120 pounds. She is fair complected, with long brown hair. She was last seen wearing jeans, a teal hoodie and black slip on shoes, as well as a red coat. This attire would not have been sufficient to be out wandering in the frigid temperatures Nebraska has experienced over the last few days.

Hopefully Michaela is off somewhere with friends, enjoying life and being a teenager, rather than any of the possible alternatives. Why are police not more concerned, though? How are they so sure she is not in any danger? It seems that someone with the responsibilities of Ms. Nebraska Teen wouldn't be the type of kid to run off. On the other had, maybe those same responsibilities are a reason why a teen would run away. The other possibilities should be further investigated, in the event something more sinister has occurred.



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