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Where is Kristy Kelley?

Where is Kristy Kelley?
Crime Scene Media;Used with permission

It's been two weeks since Kristy Kelley was last seen, and the search for her continues with little success. This report shares that searches have spread from Boonville to Evansville, as nothing has been found so far. They've focused a lot of effort in the Pigeon Creek area, but there have just been no clues in the search. Furthermore, Kristy's vehicle is still missing along with her. This is a disturbing detail that lends to a variety of theories on what may have happened. Was she carjacked and taken somewhere far away? Was she involved in a fatal car accident in some unknown location? Or did someone hide her vehicle so well that it, and she, may never be found? These are just some of the numerous questions circulating in the search for this missing Indiana woman.

Investigators in this area have their work cut out for them with so many women missing in such a short span of time. Evansville happens to be where missing woman Joelle Lockwood vanished not long ago. Media reports have made connections between the two disappearances, but there just isn't any evidence to indicate one way or the other. Meanwhile, residents have been reportedly buying guns like crazy. This report says that the gun sales have gone up since women started going missing in the Boonville area. Maybe families are making sure the women in their lives are armed now that there are fears of a potential serial predator in the area -- and law enforcement officials have done little to soothe these fears. So does that mean there is indeed something to fear in Indiana?

Kristy Kelley was last seen at a bar in her area before she reportedly left her cellphone in the bathroom and disappeared. There are so few details available in her disappearance that her case has become quite the mystery. What's more: Nobody has sighted either her or her missing vehicle since the night she was last seen two weeks ago.