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Where is Karla Villagra-Garzon?

Missing for nearly two weeks, where is Karla?
Missing for nearly two weeks, where is Karla?

Karla Villagra-Garzon hasn't been seen since February 24, when she left her home in the 800 block of E. Jersey St. to get medicine for her sick toddler. The Walgreens location she was going to is a very short distance from her house, yet she never returned, and store surveillance video does not show that she ever arrived.

This seems extremely suspicious, especially considering that it's unlikely a mother would willingly disappear while her child is ill. What could have happened to Karla?

Her husband, Abayuba Garzon, reported her missing when she still hadn't returned the following morning. He is said to be cooperating with the police.

There is very little information for police to go on. Lt. Daniel Saulnier from the Elizabeth Police Department said "We've been receiving phone calls as far as New York City, but I can report that there is no new evidence regarding her whereabouts." That doesn't sound very promising, but where do you look for a person with no clues of where to start? In densely populated areas, like Elizabeth, NJ, and the surrounding area, she could be literally anywhere.

Any number of situations could have befallen this young mother, or there is that slim possibility that she really did just walk away. Hopefully she is located soon, as she has been missing for nearly two weeks already.