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Where is Jimmy Hoffa? What's the truth behind the disappearance of Glenn Miller?

Hoffa in a familiar setting
Hoffa in a familiar setting
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There's nothing like a good mystery. Some of which may never be solved.
Save the date: On September 2, PBS Distribution is releasing History Detectives Special Investigations on DVD. The documentary delves into the past to explore some of America’s most intriguing mysteries. The four episodes that makeup season 11 introduce the fresh perspective of a new detective and focus on a single story per hour.
In each episode, veteran detectives Tukufu Zuberi and Wes Cowan join forces with new host Kaiama Glover to probe a single iconic mystery from America’s past. What was behind the tragic sinking of the SS Sultana, one of the worst maritime disasters in U.S. history, at the end of the American Civil War? Can the detectives solve the mystery of one of the country’s first recorded serial killings, the Austin Servant Girl Murders of the 1880s? What led to the mysterious vanishing of big band leader Glenn Miller during World War II? Who killed Jimmy Hoffa–and why?
The HDSI team brings modern forensic science and cutting-edge tools to these historical mysteries. As they discover new evidence, sift through clues, and crisscross the country in search of answers, they uncover fresh leads and information to tell captivating stories from a new angle.
Descriptions of the four episodes featured on this DVD are below.

Civil War Sabotage
Investigate the sinking of SS Sultana, one of the worst maritime disasters in U.S. history.

Texas Servant Girl Murders
Follow the inquiry into a string of grisly unsolved murders in Austin, Texas in 1885.

The Disappearance of Glenn Miller
Gather new information about what is perhaps the biggest mystery and cold case of World War II.

Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?
Explore Teamsters president Hoffa’s final days with a window on the post-war era labor movement.

Hmm . . . if we tell 'em where Hoffa is do we get a reward?

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