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Where is heaven?

Jesus said it is within and it is at hand...meaning one can not reach this state of consciousness somewhere in the future. There is ever only NOW.  Quantum physicists tell us that the world we live in is made up of energy and that what appears to be solid is actually not as it appears. Spiritual authors, like Eckhart Tolle, tell us that we live in a world of illusions and if we are to regain true sight we must go beyond the world of thought and forms to connect with the essence behind all forms, which is God.

In this day and age, with so much talk about 2012, the end of times, terrorism, and natural disasters like Haiti, people need to connect to a deeper sense of awareness. We need hope. We need understanding. We need comfort now more than ever.

Religion is on the decline and spirituality and metaphysical studies are garnering more attention. The Mayan calendar is at the forefront for the first time in hundreds of years. And movies like "The Davinci Code" and shows like Oprah are allowing mainstream America  to question conventionalism and begin to think for ourselves. We are peeling back the veils, so to speak. The veils of illusion.

So, where IS heaven? If God is love, and every wisdom teaching tells us this is so, then heaven is anywhere love is. It is a state of being felt within. It is NOT a geographical location. Besides, Einstein, along with quantum physics, disproved the existence of physical locations years ago. Which is relevant since what quantum physics says is there is no such thing as "time" or "space". So distance and time are a matter of perception, fluid and changeable. With the awareness of multiple dimensions, we come to understand that every thought we have sends our consciousness into a new dimension of time and space, thus creating a new reality. Our world is made up of consciousness impersonating as matter which is then perceived as a world of solid forms.

It is hard to wrap our minds around it, but ever experience a real tragedy and you understand what this means. Time stands still. For a moment, you have stepped out of that reality into timelessness.

Time and space are a figment of perception. In reality, they do not exist. And since energy is all the we are and it can not be created or destroyed, it simply IS...there is no such things as death. Death is just another illsuion in the misperceived world of "forms".

So, perhaps heaven is the realization that there is ever only HERE and ever only NOW. When time ends, taking fear along with it...heaven begins. It is within each of us and it is here for each of us now.


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