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Where is Danielle Locklear?

It has been a week since any one has seen 15-year-old Danielle Locklear. She left her grandfather's house in Hope Mills, NC on March 11, telling him she was going to a friends' house, but she never arrived. K-9 units have been unable to pick up the teen's scent. Where could she be?

Danielle Locklear has been missing since March 11.

It's possible that she simply ran away, just decided she wanted her freedom and took off to parts unknown, possibly Myrtle Beach, SC, where she has some ties. Or, on a more grim note, she could have been kidnapped, for any number of sinister reasons. Regardless, a 15-year-old is definitely not safe in the world alone.

There is very little information being shared as to what authorities believe could have happened to her, though a creek area has been repeatedly mentioned. Is it possible that she fell in and drown?

However, it's just as likely that Dannie is just off being a teenager and will call or return home soon, after realizing what a fuss she caused. But how does a parent, or grandparent in this case, keep their thoughts from turning the other way? It stands to reason that all missing people thought they were in control of the situation, right up until something bad happened. What if this time, it did happen to her?

Danielle is mixed race, 5'1" tall, between 130 and 160 pounds. She has long black hair and blue eyes. Hopefully she is found soon.

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