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Where is Cameron Remmer?

Cameron hasn't been seen in nearly 3 years.  Where is he?
Photo courtesy of Missing California 5 Facebook page

It has been nearly 3 years since anyone remembers speaking to Cameron Remmer, but a new TV show hopes that they can renew interest in finding the missing man. Investigation Discovery has started a new series, "Last Seen Alive," focusing on missing persons and hoping they may be able to dig up new information, which could lead them to the person they are looking for. Cameron's episode aired twice on June 8 and is scheduled to air again June 14 at 10 am.

Cameron, then 29, came from Encinitas, CA to San Francisco in late September 2011, with the hopes of starting a legal medical marijuana business. He stayed the first few nights with a friend, then checked into the Fairmont, where he stayed until October 6, 2011, when he disappeared. He checked out of the hotel, leaving his bags checked there and never returning for them. Inside was many packages of marijuana and large amounts of cash.

Adding another wrinkle, Cameron suffered from bi-polar disorder and had gone off his medications. Chelsea Gladden, Cameron's sister, said, "We're trying to retrace the steps for someone who was having a psychotic break." The likelihood that he, himself, had been confused about his actions makes it that much harder for his family to try to locate him. They have filed the missing persons report, as well as monitoring his emails and credit card accounts.

There are people in the area of the Fairmont hotel who remember seeing and speaking to Cameron before his disappearance. He spent time with a woman in a nearby bar, just about 12 hours before he disappeared. He took her phone number and said he would call, but didn't. He apparently had been heavily drinking in the hours leading up to his disappearance, so much that the hotel asked him to leave, after which he hung out with one of the hotel's doormen into the wee hours of October 7. After that, nothing. No one remembers seeing him after that.

Foul play is not suspected at this time, mainly because no body has been found, so there is no indications to think he is dead. Has he simply started a new life in SF and is not aware that he is missing? Or has he melted into the rest of the city's homeless population?

Cameron is not the only man missing from San Francisco. The Missing California 5 include Remmer, Crishtian Hughes, Jackson Miller, Sean Sidi, and Shawn Dickerson. All of these men have disappeared in SF at different times, with differenct circumstances, but it feels the same to all their parents. They just want their sons back.

Where is Cameron Remmer and the rest of San Fran's missing men? Have they all just become a part of the city and don't want to come home? Hopefully, it's not too late and they will turn up.

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