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Where is California's rain and snow

What has happened to our weather here on the west coast? It started off on a normal pattern: rain and snow in the last part of November; and then after Thanksgiving nothing for December and January. Are we having a repeat of 1960, when California had the Olympics in Lake Tahoe, where there was no rain or snow until February?

There seems to be a pattern that has appeared over the last several years. When there is a major storm hitting the east coast of the United States, there is no rain or snow on the west coast, until the east coast storms are over. Is this what's happening! We will not have any rain or snow, until the storms back east are over?

It seems that the only ski resorts that are open are the resorts that have snow making equipment, which makes the man made snow. We have contacted several of the smaller Sierra ski resorts and they said that they are ready to go. They have their crews ready and the only thing stopping them is not enough snow to open. The only real area that has enough man made snow for skiing is the Lake Tahoe Area, none of the closest areas to the San Francisco Bay Area are open.

So, if you plan to have a day in the snow, you would have to take a trip to the Tahoe area.

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