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Where have you gone Erin Brocovich? Our nation turns its poisoned selves to you

clean me please
clean me please
Rev brian

Ralph Nader, Erin Brovich, Brian Doyle, you are a few of the many that seek to right some of the injustices of our existence. And of us lesser known that have not been able to shake some justice out of our corporations and legislate and re-legislate constant and needed change we will continue to learn and enlighten ourselves and others that we deserve to lead pollution free and healthy lives. Regardless of the wealth and denial that stifle regulations and cleanups of overly powerful corporations that still run rampant on our globe in this day and age the majority of the planet has to be concerned with what we eat, drink, and breathe. These basic needs that I hope I never take for granted, as I know many do not have the luxury such as I to have clean choices, are essential to becoming a healthy individual and maintaining and chemical free lifestyle to make sane and loving choices for ourselves and others. Listing the injustices of our present day and how we continue to kill our planet and the species we believe should steward its existence would not get my point across and this is my point in my article.

Change for me and many usually comes when I have been touched in a fashion that I am emotionally or physically struck with pain that I must change or talk about it. Most recently I was on the receiving end of a chemical accident and have spent the last almost 4 years being made to feel as if it were my fault. Improper use of an outdoor product used indoors and aerosoled into my space for a shift at work has left me susceptible sickness and irritants more so each day than I am comfortable with and daily life can be more of a breathing struggle than I deserve. Corporate makes mistakes, they just have a hard time admitting it or care to make restitution and would rather spend to win instead of doing what would be right.(

In my case, which though into its 3rd year already, its early enough where the obvious could be observed and compensation for damaging this loving and caring being could be resolved but thus far my feelings say otherwise. It seems litigation has to win over common sense and as in the current news story above if an equal or greater force does not intervene then the less powerful entity, being or beings are regarded as peripheral damage.

I'm confident in myself to state that my damage has occurred and that someone has to be responsible, if it was my fault I would be held accountable and this has been proven. May the powers that be give the folks that are the essence of evolution and caring change the justice that all life deserves. Stop letting money talk as it continues to destroy what little we have left and stop giving them the power to over create the mass consumer to buy its products and then minimize them when its time for justice to be served. Read and research the article and others like it and join the fight against social and environmental causes near you or online. Feel good today and sign a petition at Care2. Be involved, be you

Peace and love to you unless you have other plans

Rev B, planning to stay Green cause green things grow baby

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