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Where does your dollar donation at Petsmart go?


Did you ever wonder where that dollar goes that you choose to donate to homeless animals at the Petsmart checkout counter?  Do you wonder how your dollar makes a difference?

The answer may surprise you in its scale.  Your dollar, added to all the other dollars donated by kindhearted animal lovers helps fund spay/neuter clinics, emergency support, pet adoption service fees, and a rescue "waggin" program.  Unbelievable, isn't it?  It seems your dollar goes quite a long way towards making the life of an animal safer and healthier.  The beauty of it is, it only costs you ONE extra dollar added to your bill at checkout.  (There are options for donating more if you're so inclined.)

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Spay/Neuter Initiatives - Petsmart Charities have pledged to help end the need for euthanasia by granting more than $5 million in funds to shelters and programs who offer low-cost spaying and neutering.  Each year, more pets enter animals shelters than there are adoptive families to take them in.  With the overpopulation of animals in shelters, nearly 70% must be euthanized.  By helping to fund spay/neuter clinics so that low-cost procedures are available to the public, more pet owners can afford to spay/neuter their pet.  If less animals are reproducing, eventually shelters could offer themselves as no-kill facilities.   


 AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Emergency Relief - Another stellar program provided by Petsmart Charities, with the help of your $1 donation, is the emergency relief program.  This program activates during times of large scale disaster such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes,and other natural, and even man-made disasters that displace animals from their homes.  The program has six 53-foot semi-trucks preloaded with donated emergency supplies such as pet carriers/crates, food, water and food bowls, cat litter, tents, fans, and generators to provide immediate rescue/relief for the displaced animals.

 AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Rescue Waggin - This unique program helps to transport dogs and puppies from highly overpopulated areas (where they would certainly be euthanized for lack of any chance of adoption) to area shelters where dogs and puppies for adoption are in high demand.  In addition, the Rescue Waggin Program offers money to help fund spay/neuter clinics, and also does professional consultation with shelters to help improve their operations, and thusly, animal welfare.  Amazing!  Again, this all comes about with your $1 donation at checkout.

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Pet Adoption - Last, but certainly not least, is all about pet adoption.  You know that area of every Petsmart where the adoptable dogs and cats are, giving you the big, "adopt me, please" eyes?  That space is provided free of charge to participating animal welfare agencies.  In addition to the free space, the free advertising, and marketing for the four major pet adoption weekends sponsored by Petsmart, they also offer $15 in added adoption rewards regularly, and $25 in adoption rewards during major pet adoption weekend events.  These funds are given to the adoption partners at the end of the calender year depending on the number of animals adopted througout the year. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images/PicApp)

Petsmart Charities offers all these services and more by customer donations.  Isn't it great to see where your dollar goes every time you say "yes" to adding a $1 donation to your bill at the checkout counter?  A little can go a long way towards improving the lives of our furry friends.  So remember, next time you're checking out, purchasing dog or cat food for Fifi or Fido, remember those nameless, sweet faces in need of a home; in need of shelter.  Then say "YES" to adding $1 to your bill.   

All articles by Michele Gwynn are under copyright and cannot be reposted in part or whole without written permission by the author.  For permission, email

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  • Winona Cooking Examiner 5 years ago

    Yes, it is great to see the donations actually going to its intended purpose. So many so astray. It is heart warming that Pet Smart is utilizing our dollars wisely and ensuring lives of all animals.

  • Joyce 5 years ago

    I'm always leery of making donations that end of paying mostly administrative costs. This Petsmart donation program appears to effectively utilize the donations. I'm a regular Petsmart shopper, and I'll say yes to donating a dollar from now on. Thank you for this article!

  • M. Gwynn 5 years ago

    I usually feel as you do, Joyce. However, I always click yes at Petsmart. Now that I've done the research, I may up the ante next time, knowing that my dollars are truly helping all my furry friends. Thanks for reading!

  • krystal 97 4 years ago

    i'm torn since i found out about petsmartcruelty dot com.
    i was shocked. shame on petsmart and petco. i love some of the programs they provide but what about the videos that show they don't give a darn about the small animals they sell in their stores like hamsters, birds, etc.

    they let these poor animals die slow painful deaths. we are customers of petsmart and petco and need to tell them to stop or we won't shop there.

    petsmartcruelty dot com

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