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Where does Cory Booker Live?

Where does he live?
Where does he live?

Charles Johnson, an independent reporter, recently visited Newark to find out if the mayor actually lives there. Booker lists two properties he owns as disclosure forms require that he list every property he has at least a $1,000 interest in. Johnson conducted interviews with people who live near both residences and recorded the conversations.

Booker is running for the US senate from New Jersey, to fill the seat left vacated with the death of Frank Lautenberg. The election is just days away on October 16th. But neighbors aren't convinced that Booker lives at either address.

Johnson told the Blaze that Booker is registered to vote using 435 Hawthorne Avenue as his address, but residents who were taped claim that Booker is never there. Cassandra Dock, who was a census worker in 2010, said that she knows that Booker does not live on Hawthorne, because when she went there, it was a police station.

“I know he don’t live on Hawthorne, because when I did the 2010 census and I knocked on the door…and introduced myself as the census taker, I was told by the officers that was a police station. You can’t possibly live in a police station.”

Dock, on tape, said that she thinks Booker lives in New York.

The second address associated with Booker is 19 Longworth Street. Johnson spoke to a detective there, who told him that he didn't know Booker's whereabouts. On Booker's disclosure form, he uses a post office box but no address of residence.

The Blaze contacted Booker's campaign twice but received no answer. The National Review Online reported that they were told that Booker lived at a third address that is not listed on his disclosure form but that he would be moving to the Longworth address "soon".

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