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Where Do You Live?

When I ask you where you live? I don’t mean your physical address, I’m not talking about the city, the state, or the number on your house or apartment; what I’m asking is where do you live in consciousness? What is your state of mind? In Buddhism there is a word samsara, which is basically the address of suffering. In the March 2014 issue of Shambhala Sun, there was an excellent article entitled, “does Buddha always tell the truth?” written by Karen Maezen Miller. I mention this article not just because it’s a great article, but because in one part, Karen mentions samsara, and she says, “Living in samsara the egocentric world of suffering, we are continuously misled, deceived, and exploited.” I like the fact that she sort of makes samsara analogous to an actual address, an actual place rather than a state of mind. We already know as metaphysicians that our state of mind, our state of consciousness is the very thing that affects our physical experiences and where we actually live.

At any time we have the ability to shift consciousness and awaken to the majesty and magnificence that is all of life.  You can change your "address" any time you are ready!
At any time we have the ability to shift consciousness and awaken to the majesty and magnificence that is all of life. You can change your "address" any time you are ready!
Where you live is a reflection of your state of consciousness.

So when I ask you where do you live, how do you respond? Let’s look at it this way if you are someone who lives in say a beachfront house and I were to ask you where do you live, describe your surroundings; what would you describe? If you live in New York City and I ask you to describe where you live, what would you describe? What would I ascertain based upon your description? Do I get from your description that you are pleased with where you live or that you despise where you live; that you are surrounded by beauty or by trash? So once again when I ask you where do you live, and I am referring to your state of mind, your consciousness; I am asking for the same type of description. If you were to look around and then describe to me your daily circumstances, your daily experiences, your daily thoughts and feelings, what would you be describing? Would your description be one of adventure and inspiration or would your description be one of victimization and depression? Is your address samsara? Are you living in a prison of some kind run by the jailer who goes by the name of ego? Or are you like many of us who have a timeshare and spend part of our lives living pseudo-free while still tethered to that prison where we periodically go because we think we have no choice?

I took a workshop about stress where the presenter said that three of the most traumatic and stress filled experiences that we face tend to be divorce, the death of a loved one, and moving. He went on to say that the process of purchasing a home and moving for many people is just as stressful psychologically and emotionally as death. And after listening to the entire workshop and thinking about it for a while I walked away realizing that in many ways moving (relocating) is a form of death. You’re leaving behind an old life to start a new one. New neighborhood, new neighbors, new streets to learn, new traffic patterns to travel, new stores to shop in, new friends to make and so on and so in many ways it is a death and rebirth. I mention this specifically to say that just because you feel like you are living in samsara you do not have to stay there.

“When traveling through hell keep moving, don’t stop and build a tent.” ~Anonymous

There are many people who grew up in what we tend to call poverty and yet now live in mansions. It is possible to change your address; your physical address as well as that place you live in consciousness. The relocation begins like any other relocation, you first have to decide that you’re ready to move. If you do not like where you live now, are you willing to do what you need to do to move? If you do not like the circumstances and experiences of your life currently, are you willing to do what you need to do to change them? As Louise Hay says, you can change your life, and I might add that you have to want to do what is necessary to make the change.

And if you are anything like I used to be there are many times where you say I can’t change because I don’t know how. That used to be a song that I sang on a frequent everyday basis; I want better but I don’t know how. The good news is as I learned from experience, the moment you set the intention that you are willing to learn how, that you are willing to take the steps once the how arrives, it is precisely then that the how arrives. Interesting kind of paradox that the moment the thing that eluded you shows up is the precise moment that you open to the possibility of it showing up. So you may say yes I want to change my address, yes I want to transform my life, yes I want to leave samsara, but I don’t know how. The how is secondary. Make up your mind that it is what you want and commit to that fully and the how will be revealed. The how could be through a life coach, a minister in your spiritual community, making a prayer request, reading a book that a friend suggests, or even hearing some metaphysical or inspiring message while watching a movie. And the thing is, because you set the intention and you were open to the how, you were able to see it and to acknowledge it and to then make use of it. Without being open to it you will not be able to see it, then you’re not going to notice it and you’re not going to be able to use it; in effect it will remain hidden.

So go ahead and start plotting your course, contact the real estate agent and let them know that you’re ready to leave samsara, that you’re ready to live the life that before you may have only imagined was possible in your wildest dreams.

I send you blessings in your move your shift your relocation! Be sure to let me know and send me my invitation to the housewarming party. Smile!

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