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Where do Pennsylvania cities rank among America's most literate?

Carnegie Library, Mount Washington Branch - Pittsburgh, PA
Carnegie Library, Mount Washington Branch - Pittsburgh, PA / CC BY-SA 2.0

Every year, John Miller, President of Central Connecticut State University, pieces together a list of America's most literate cities. Compiling complex data based on newspaper circulation, bookstore locations, library resource information, educational statistics, publishing resources and Internet accessibility for cities with populations 250,000 and higher, Miller provides a yearly account on the most literate cities across the United States.

Pennsylvania appeared twice on the overall top one hundred list, with Pittsburgh ranking number 8 and Philadelphia coming in at thirty-two.

Pittsburgh secured the number 5 ranking in most booksellers per 10,000 people, number 10 in library support and accessibility, 15.5 in education, 9.5 in newspaper circulation, 4 in publication and 43 in Internet resources.

Philadelphia ranked 33.5 in the booksellers category, 52 in education, 27 in Internet resources and accessibility, 28 in the library category, 37 in newspaper circulation and 24.5 in periodical publications and resources.

With hundreds of cities across the United States holding populations of more than 250,000 residents, Miller's list compiles statistics from all of them to narrow it down to the top one hundred. With two Pennsylvania cities ranked relatively high on the list, one can't help but wonder where less-populated cities like Harrisburg, Erie and Allentown would rank on a small-scale survey.