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"Where did you get those shoes, K-Mart?" Weekly Update!

WWE live Event

Cesaro is ready for a big push now. They are waiting, grooming and working with Roman Reigns, but give that spot to Cesaro now. He is too impressive to not have a long fantastic main event run. In other news, John Cena cut the second of his two promos (the loud angry and drops a curse word, c'mon man) Vince Russo buried another wrestling company and rumors of more wwe releases have started. Lets get to the Rundown!

  • Ricardo Rodriguez--Rodriguez was reported to being released from the WWE this week. He said in a statment that he missed wrestling, so I don't blame him for wanting to find a new path that leads to more matches. More releases are expected as the week ends.
  • Brie Bella vs Stephanie McMahon is getting a lot of t.v time. I don't have much faith in the two putting on something entertaining at SummerSlam, but what Steph did with Vickie at WWEDC before Money in the Bank was quite good. It'll be good to see Brie Bella again while Daniel Bryan is fighting crime!
  • Daniel Bryan--Over the weekend, it was reported that Daniel Bryan stopped a burgular and held on to him till the cops arrived. Is it bad luck or did they know the mistake they were making? if that isn't an A+ move, I don't know what is (get well soon Daniel)
  • TNA-there are reports that Spike TV has decided not to renew it's deal with Impact Wrestling. Not having any t.v time will make it pretty hard for TNA to double their fan base of 20 people to 40. You know I kid with you Impact Wrestling. I mean it isn't your fault that you hired the great Vince Russo and another company looks to be ending. Okay, I kid about the Russo remark, hang in there guys.
  • WWE Writing-There was a report that WWE was going to have Layla and Summer Rae team up because there was a female stable that got back together on Impact Wrestling. I find it hard to believe that WWE is even watching what TNA is doing (till the deal expires, of course).
  • Jim Ross podcast--This week on the Jim Ross podcast on, he had guest Sting. This will be turned into a two part show because they talked for so long. The Kurt Angle 2 part interview by J.R was also very good. You should listen to it if you have any interest in professional wrestling.
  • Kurt Angle--Speaking of Kurt Angle, he had a very good point about people getting upset with the part-time guys. He said they "earned that spot, and one day you might not want to work the full time schedule and then you'll want to do it." I'd like to see Angle in WWE one more time as he gets towards the end of his career.

I like the fact that WWE is inviting guys to do a part time schedule. I'm working on a full article on it so stay tuned for that and much more. Cody Rhodes, you are still lame. Goodnight!

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