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Where did the Islamic State of Isis and Syria (ISIS) come from?

History reveals to us that bad grudges don't just disappear and todays conflict can turn into tomorrows Jihad.
History reveals to us that bad grudges don't just disappear and todays conflict can turn into tomorrows Jihad.
Clayton Luce

Where did ISIS come from?

The greatest enemy of peace is war. I'm not sure if somebody else said that or if I just made it up, but I am sure that it is true, and on more than just the obvious plain truth. In the human world it seems that often times you cannot have peace without war- to fight off invaders of our ways of life and our safety. However, history reveals to us that bad grudges don't just disappear and today's conflict can turn into tomorrows Jihad.

After the controversial events of 9/11 and the sweeping changes in national identity, legislation and security the U.S. Government (whether maliciously or with every good intent) convinced the American people to accept Osama Bin-Laden and an invisible cabal of Islamic Extremists as both the perpetrators of mass murder and of a holy war that threatened the very existence of America and Western Culture as a whole.

While there were and have always been small cells of Islamic extremist with perhaps both the motive and capability to carry out terrorist attacks and strikes against the US, its allies and instruments- they are merely included among a much broader range of extremist political and religious organizations that encompass small portions most every major religion and ideology of the world.

While we may have had bad relations with certain elements of the Islamic nations, what we did not have prior to 9/11 was an enemy that had been raped, pillaged and utterly stomped upon in every fashion- villainized and insulted and ultimately humiliated by having one of its most ancient territories desecrated and destroyed. What the American people forgot in all of the fear and anger and vengeance of early 2002 was that the greatest enemy of our own peace and safety was war.

Before the Iraqi War the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups were largely marginalized, unpopular and un-relatable to the average Iraqi; today they are social media dynamos, popular among the youth and victims of displacement, war and violence in battered Iraq and Afghanistan who fear they may be next.

Joining Jihad has now become no less terrible as a way of life than the daily nightmare in living and fighting within the smoking ruins left by the retreating US Military.

When we invaded the sovereignty of Iraq, assassinated its administration and destroyed its infrastructure we created an army against us. When we destroyed farms and villages we turned farmers into soldiers and villagers into terrorist cells. As thousands of innocent women and children died in the crossfire the sons and daughter and husbands that were left behind, in dispair and disillusionment turned there hearts against us and declared us the enemy.

In the war between two governments, two countries were forgotten- the people were forgotten.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is the natural organization and manifestation of all of that original pre 9/11 hate, now magnified and justified and backed by a growing multitude of those we have declared our enemies and sought to conquer.
Operation Iraqi Freedom and all of the war to follow gave them a banner- a cause.

Our destruction of the old way paved way for a new way- national Jihad. Now, rather than the focus and efforts of the Iraqis being wasted on the bread and circuses of Saddaam Hussein's Iraq, they can be directed towards us. The Obama Administration has amplified and encouraged this movement through its overwhelming weakness in character and fortitude, making America appear as weak as she has truly become.

Whether you read the Bible, the Quran or the Talmud there is one recurring principle commanded by God of his people concerning war: If you are going to fight against them, then you must not only defeat them-but destroy them.

Mankind is composed of billions of sore losers who don't forget a grudge. Once we made the first mistake of using violence of war against them it became imperative that we not make the second mistake of losing that war.

What happens next still remains to be seen, but we are only seeing a beginning of a new Islamic power that will be more committed to our destruction than any regime that preceded it, and our own fates are now only a matter of cause and effect, as war only ever creates more war.

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