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Where did daddy go on his long trip

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When my husband left for deployment we told our six year old that he was going on a long trip. She isn’t really the curious type so it worked at the time. Then, came the time when she asked where daddy was on his long trip. I explained to her everything she needed to know about the military and what they do. Then came the harder question, do people die where daddy is at? What do you say? How do you answer that? You answer honestly she will be upset and it will cause worry on her in a time when she doesn’t need any more stress than she has already, but she also should know the truth and know that what daddy is doing and why he is doing it. You answer untruthfully then you are being dishonest to her and it’s never fair to be dishonest to those you love even if it’s for the greater good and what if she hears about it at school, church or at the park, then what? Then, she has heard about it in a way you would never want and it may be on her mind the rest of the day. As a parent you don’t want to make the wrong choices and you want to protect them. I have learn that honestly and understanding on the topic is best. I would much rather her worry and grow from the topic than hear about it from a source that maybe isn’t as kind or who may not explain it in a truthful way. Then her teachings are tainted and not the way you wanted her to know. The biggest point you can make to them would be that mommy or daddy is a hero. A true hero! No imaginary hero or a “made up” person but a TRUE American hero.