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Where charity ceases

Will charity and love prevail?
Joliet Patch

Last week an article came out in Patch online about a Joliet homeless man that got the ‘green light to panhandle until the town gets their law reworked against doing so.’ What? Where is the charitable spirit in all of this? Has there been any help for this man? Has anyone checked into the reason that he is on the street in the first place?

Now look, it is not as if anyone is promoting panhandling. Do we all get annoyed at one time or another when approached? You bet we do, but as we see an increase in the number of people requiring government services or requesting the help of food banks or when entire families with two working parents are spending the night in a church basement because they have lost their home, this means that something else is not working and perhaps this man and others like him need assistance outside of the obvious.

As our government continues arguing between parties about this and that, more and more of the ‘little guys’ are being ignored and thus ending up out of the street because they can’t make ends meet. The other individuals greatly ignored are veterans.

This group of people is called upon when foreign governments need help or when it is time to fight, but afterward their life is simply a number. When it comes to offering veterans jobs once they have completed their service, well that is a whole other thing. They are put on a list for medical reasons and need outside organizations to fight their battles to get retired military dogs home safely. What kind of world are we living in that needs charitable organizations to step in just so that our vets remain humanized?

Without knowing this man’s background, it is hard to categorize his needs, but instead of creating city ordinances banning panhandling, why don’t these cities and towns create a profitable business that would bring the city or town jobs while providing services for those that desperately may need a helping hand – perhaps the helping hand could even mean a job so that panhandling would not be required.

There has to be answers other than the majority of people needing help these days being ignored while the same small percentage of people tend to take over and build their capital more and more. Would it be so bad if monetarily we all became a bit more equal? Why should government officials and a handful of other individuals have everything while the working man and veterans have very little or nothing at all?

The definition of charity, according to is to provide generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill or helpless; to have benevolent feelings toward those in need; devise a leniency in judging others; Christian love. Since the man in Joliet featured is Christian, wouldn’t helping him instead of banning him be the best solution of all?

We really need to figure it out. Panhandling in itself is not very popular – especially amongst the working class, but seriously folks, it could be you or me out on the streets next looking for a handout if we can’t figure out a better method of prevention!

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