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Where Art and the Heart Collide

Where Art and the Heart Collide
Where Art and the Heart Collide
(c) Cindy Wunsch
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On Saturday, March 27, at Rumours Wine Bar, an art show consisting of Cindy Wunsch's work will take place. Where Art and the Heart Collide will be from 4-7 PM and there will also be music by Adam Ryan, wine (of course), and light nibbles!

I am interested in creating works of art
as poetic as a classic song, and yet make
you want to dance." -- Cindy Wunsch

Cindy Wunsch is a Nashville native who is living her dream: painting and teaching art. She says her mission is "to LIVE SIMPLY in a complicated world." She works out of Studio Be and her works can be found all over the country. Some states include Georgia, California, Illinois, and Oregon. She even has artwork in Canada and Australia!

To find her work in and around Nashville, you can visit the following places:
Plum Nelly Shop & Gallery
Chattanooga, TN
Bennett Gallery
Nashville, TN
A Thousand Faces
Nashville, TN
Frame of Mind Studio
Chattanooga, TN
Nashville, TN
Art & Invention Gallery
Nashville, TN

Adam Ryan is a singer/songwriter from a small town in Tennessee. His genre is country/rock and he has an amazing voice, as well as lyrics. He is most known for his single, "Lonely In This Crowd." To listen to his music, click here.

For more info:
Rumours Wine Bar
2304 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37204
Cindy Wunsch

Adam Ryan
-American Songspace

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  • Traci 5 years ago

    Sure wish I could go to this Art & Music show.. I never heard of either of these people or the place it is being held, however I did click the link and listen to Adam Ryan. I enjoyed his voice & his lyrics. I also checked into Cindy Wunsch I found her "artist statement" to be honest and along the lines of my own thinking. I also find Rumours Wine Bar to be an iteresting place and I would love to meander through it..Thank You for sharing this info..