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Where are the spiritual gifts today?

One has to wonder after visiting some churches here in Albany if the gifts of the spirit are still active. Certainly the demonstration of the teaching gifts are witnessed every Sunday in our Albany pulpits. But what about the speaking gifts? Are they allowed? What about exhortation, healing, or even the discernment of spirits.

And many of our Sunday morning Albany pastors certainly petition the gift of helps. Everyone is expected to practice those kinds of gifts because the church is in need of servants for the operation and function of the facility, while the other gifts needed are cast aside to keep the operation running.

But have we pushed aside those other gifts that are necessary to edify others? The Holy Spirit gives us power to do His work and distributes gifts as He has need. Could we say we have no need? Or are we just not seeking those things to do our part.

Everyone should have at least one gift. If you don't know what it is, ask God to reveal it. They work with other gifts as well. Eph 4:7-8 says that grace was given according to the measure of Christ's gift. And that He “gave gifts to men.” So we are to operate in them.

But some try and discourage them to say some are inactive today. Which one's are inactive? The gift of prophecy? Nah not for today. The gift of discerning spirits? No not necessary. Interpreting tongues? We all speak the same language. Healing? Not for today. So if some are invalid, why are some accepted? No one would dare come against the helps gifts, or the teaching ones. Try to tell pastors that they are no longer necessary. In the meantime the churches are not hearing from God and not operating in the Holy Spirit because they are quenching the Spirit. But the Holy Spirit distributes according to HIS need. And we are to join in one another's gifts to encourage them. They work together to build up one body. And those who lift up theirs as the most important are missing the picture.

If Christians learned to utilize one another's gifts rather than think theirs is the most important, we would have an arsenal to work with. Let the prophets prophesy, let the helpers help, let the mercy givers have compassion. Just do your part. But you must seek what your part is. So diligently seek your gift.

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